‘Pork Steaks with Lemon and Sage’ – p.249


This seems an appropriate recipe to kick this experiment off with for various reasons:

1 – It’s genuinely a really quick one; a dusting of flour, six minutes in the pan, and Bob’s your uncle.

2 – I adore pork, and I adore butter, both of which this has in spades, so it’s a good ‘un for me.

3 – They make a nice photo, bubbling away there in the pan, don’t they?

Of course, life being a thing not of half imagined ideas one has as one is falling asleep, but of real events filled with real unexpected practical aspects, there weren’t just three of us at the table, but eight (some friends popped over, and we thought it was as well to offer them a little dinner), so what might have been a Fifteen Minute Wonder was in fact a couple of hours spent merrily augmenting what I’d picked up in the supermarket earlier in the day in order to make it feed a full table of hungry people, and much the better we were for it too, eating as we did a lovely meal amongst friends. What could be better?

Anyway, for the purposes of this blog, let me say the pork was delicious. I dusted the steaks in seasoned flour and fried them alongside a small handful of sage leaves in a mixture of butter and oil, then deglazed the pan with lemon juice and finished off the sauce with yet more butter (which, as Science has quite correctly decreed, is no longer bad for you, so quiet!).

A recipe that simple has no right to taste so interesting, and yet it did; the flavour of the sage permeated the sauce subtly, yet with a welcome presence, and the lemon juice provided the perfect foil for the butter and pork juices, which bubbled pleasingly in the bottom of the pan. How easy it is to forget what a radical transformation coating a piece of meat or fish in a virtually microscopic layer of flour can create.

We had (or would have, if there’d really been three of us) it with a very quick bulgur salad, made interesting with a handful of chopped herbs, toasted hazelnuts, some beetroot and some charred onions.

The whole thing can’t have taken more than 20 minutes. Lovely.

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